Kraft Mill

Pulp and paper is a big part of what we do. Our products range from the finest quality sustainable kraft papers to 100% recycled liners.



Producing high-quality kraft paper

Designed to world-class standards and adopting sustainability objectives in all parts of its operations, our Pulp and Paper mill in Tumut produces high-quality kraft paper for both domestic and international markets.

Set on 1100ha, the Tumut mill was built in two stages. Stage 1 was completed in 2001 with an initial investment of $450 million. This was so successful, it enabled us to double the mill's production capacity with Stage 2 of the development. In total, the investment has been almost $1 billion, which highlights our serious commitment to sustainability.


Tumut is among the lowest users of water of any similar mill in Australia

Thanks to the application of extensive industry experience, it was engineered to be a truly advanced mill with near-zero levels of effluent leaving the site. This concept has been possible to execute due to the treated waste water from the mill being mainly reused back into the process as makeup for cooling water - with any excess discharged on site for agricultural purposes.


Certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Raw materials used at Tumut are pulp logs and sawmill chips, all sourced from softwood plantations located in southern NSW. Woodchips are supplemented by domestic and commercial wastepaper collected mainly throughout the eastern states of Australia.

A significant proportion of the energy used in the mill is energy generated on-site using renewable, bio-mass fuels such as bark and sawmill residues. Read more.

The Tumut mill has an independently certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.


Click here to view Environmental Approvals and Management Plans

Visy's pulp and paper mill at Tumut

Visy's pulp and paper mill at Tumut

Fire salvaged wood

In late 2019 and early 2020, catastrophic bushfires impacted over 58,000 hectares of forest in the area near our Tumut operations in NSW. Since then, we’ve been working hard to salvage the fire-affected wood and maximise recovery efforts.

In this video, Visy’s Jamie Osgood and Campbell Sanderson discuss the campaign that has seen harvesters, truck drivers, forest growers and saw millers come together in a strong and responsive industry effort:


Each year, Visy shuts down its Tumut plant for about two weeks to undertake critical maintenance – we refer to this as the Tumut MSD. The MSD helps ensure the equipment can run safely and efficiently at maximum capacity for the remainder of the year.

This year’s MSD will be held from October 8 to October 24. The shutdown will last 15 days, allowing inspections and maintenance on the plant’s pressure vessels and other processing equipment. The mill’s two paper machines are expected to be shutdown for 11 days to allow for safety and production improvements, as well as upgrading and replacing equipment.

COVID Safety Plan

This plan outlines the processes to manage the risk of COVID-19 at the Visy Tumut site. The objectives of the plan are to ensure there are systems and processes in place to, first and foremost, keep our people, contractors and the local community safe, as well as setting a standard to reduce the impact of COVID-19 during both normal operation and the annual maintenance period known as the Visy Tumut Major Shut Down (MSD).

Click here to view the Tumut COVID Safety Plan and Appendix A Area Map.

Keeping our stakeholders informed

Keeping our employees, contractors and the local community informed throughout the planning period for the MSD is a priority for us.

In this video, Tumut Maintenance Shutdown (MSD) Co-ordinator Brad Baker explaining the extensive planning that is taking place at site in preparation for this year’s MSD. Brad talks through the measures the site’s COVID-19 Safe Team is putting in place - from segregating work areas, to separate car parks, entry stations with sanitisation and thermal testing, dedicated COVID offices, touch-free boom gates, and bluetooth tracking for contact tracing - above and beyond government guidelines to prioritise the health and safety of our people and the community.

Every week we provide a community update on FM96.3 Sounds of the Mountains:

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