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Visy has a considerable and diverse road fleet as part of its logistics assets pool. 

Road Freight

Visy Logistics’ road freight division provides a range of supply chain services to both Visy and a diverse range of external customers

Our ongoing focus is to optimally leverage Visy’s logistics assets, infrastructure and systems to service both Visy’s volume base, and extend complementary and competitive contract services to our customers.

Visy’s road freight fleet includes:

  • 210 Owned trucks

  • 449 Trailers

  • >250 Subcontractors

Our national warehouse footprint is 130,000m2 of storage (mainly paper and beverage cans). Read more about our warehouse and storage capabilities.

Our Approach

  • Customer First - to meet the needs of our customers and exceed their service delivery expectations

  • Future Ready Technology - to continually evolve our technology to better meet our customer’s needs and challenges

  • Planning & Analytics - to utilise data and insights to better inform our planning processes

  • Integrated Systems - to deliver more efficient and effective services via systems that interrelate

  • End to End Visibility - to track the efficiency of all processes

  • Optimisation - to continually improve asset and resource utilisation

  • Asset Lite Technology - to minimise cost and complexity

Road Freight Capabilities

  • National transport and distribution

  • Metro transport and distribution in all capital cities

  • Part and full load network

  • Strong regional network Australia-wide

  • Seamless multi-modal solutions

  • Specialised and bulk services

Customer Benefits

  • Broad network reach and scale

  • Significant peak period capacity

  • One stop shop for all lanes and services

Metropolitan Road Freight

Visy Logistics offers metropolitan road freight services in all capital cities of Australia

Visy has invested heavily in next generation technologies, capital equipment and our internal knowledge and expertise to ensure we offer the most efficient and effective metropolitan distribution services in Australia for our valued clients.

Our flexible vehicle configurations allow us to provide local distribution for a wide variety of industries including FMCG, retail, agri-business, waste, industrial and manufacturing.  

Our metropolitan road configurations include:

  • Single & B double tautliners

  • Rigids

  • Tail lifts

  • Walking floor trailers

Types of freight we move by road:

  • Full truck loads (FTL)

  • Less than a truck load (LTL)

  • Full container loads (FCL)

  • Less than container loads (LCL)

  • Palletised & non palletised freight

Key reasons to consider Visy Logistics for your metropolitan road freight needs:

  • Safety and compliance is our #1 priority

  • Australian capital city presence and network

  • Environmentally friendly vehicles and policies

  • GPS vehicle tracking

  • Next generation tracking technologies

Linehaul Road Freight

Visy’s state-of-the-art fleet of linehaul trucks, personalised customer service and cutting-edge IT solutions all combine to give our customers the best and most reliable service possible across Australia.

Our linehaul road freight services span Australia and its regional areas, and include full truck loads (FTL) and less than a truck load (LTL).

Higher Mass Limits

Visy Logistics is continually updating its linehaul assets in line with our Higher Mass Limits (HML) accreditation under the Mass Management Module of the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme. These vehicles provide linehaul services between all Australian capital cities.

HML allows heavy vehicles to access additional mass entitlements, providing operators of vehicles (or combinations) the ability to run HML on tri-axle groups. An accreditation label is affixed to the prime mover and vehicles must operate on an authorised HML route.

HML Benefits

  • Vehicles are fitted with certified road friendly suspension

  • A significant increase in the productivity of road freight transport vehicles

  • Increased product weight and therefore reducing cost per unit

Visy’s road linehaul configurations include:

  • Single & B double tautliners

  • Drop deck

  • Mezzanine deck

Freight types we move by road:

  • Full truck loads (FTL)

  • Less than a truck load (LTL)

  • Palletised & non-palletised freight

  • Bulk-tainers

Key reasons to consider Visy Logistics for your linehaul road freight needs:

  • Safety and compliance is our #1 priority

  • Australian-wide presence and network

  • HML across major road linehaul lanes

  • Environmentally friendly vehicles and policies

  • GPS vehicle tracking

  • Next generation tracking technologies

Visybility and Fleet Management

Visy has a comprehensive, next generation IT system, Visybility, which is a single integrated platform, which includes Transport Management System (TMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) functionality and coordination across metropolitan distribution, linehaul and warehousing.

Fleet management features of Visybility include:

  • Configurable fleet management

  • Fleet and driver safety

  • Fleet statutory compliances

  • Driver management & compliance

  • Equipment level profitability

  • Asset tracking

  • Fleet and driver statutory compliance

  • Fuel management

  • Asset maintenance management

Contact Visy Logistics today to enquire about how we can improve the end-to-end efficiency and effectiveness of your metropolitan and linehaul freight.