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Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) offers specialised equipment and services for the materials handling industry, and more specifically the paper and recycling industries.

Recycling Equipment

Delivering reliable performance and high uptime

Visy is a well recognised innovator and leader in both the recycling and paper industries in Australia.

Our MHE division offers specialised knowledge and experience with regards to materials handling best practice for both the recycling and paper industries.

Our team can assist you to choose the right equipment, including:

  • Forklifts & Warehouse Equipment

  • Materials Handling Construction Equipment

  • Materials Handling Cleaning Equipment

  • Materials Handling Aerial Equipment


Visy has a long history and established reputation in the paper and recycling industries for offering a comprehensive range of equipment and solutions to meet the particular challenges of the paper and recycling sectors. Insight and expertise is provided by dedicated industry managers.

The paper and recycling industries are closely associated. Paper mills require equipment with both precision and power to handle bulk paper rolls, and the space and function of a recycling yard to recycle pulp, paper and cardboard.

The Australian paper manufacturing industry requires specialised equipment to provide precision lifts at high load capacities with gentle handling capabilities for high value payloads.

Important operational factors include efficient production, high utilisation of warehouse space and smooth loading and unloading of paper products.

Recycling operations can be challenging environments with high levels of dust and debris. Materials handling equipment therefore needs to deliver reliable performance and high uptime.

As the recycling industry has evolved there are now recycling sites in all Australian capital cities processing bales of paper, plastic and aluminium which either supply local mills or are shipped internationally to create new products.

Bale Handling Equipment

Helping you configure the right truck and attachment solutions

Paper bale handling is a precise and difficult process which involves the movement of bales of pulp and recovered paper at recycling facilities or receiving areas of paper mills.

Paper bales contain raw and recycled materials used in the manufacture of paper.

Bale handling equipment can often operate 24 hours a day, five days a week during peak production periods. To maintain this work load with minimum downtime, material handling equipment needs to be very reliable and hard wearing.

Other challenges which can put undue strain on equipment include the lack of bale size uniformity, differing bale weights and water absorption.

Visy specialises in profitable equipment applications, and helping clients to configure the right truck and attachment solutions to handle a range of tough material handling environments.

If you require bale handling equipment, Visy can assist with:

  • Equipment purchasing

  • Equipment hire

  • Equipment fleet management

  • Equipment maintenance and parts & service

For more information on our bale handling equipment and services, contact Visy today.