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Visy is one of Australasia’s leading manufacturers of corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging.



Visy constantly strive to innovate in the area of packaging design

The aesthetic presentation of a product is of utmost importance and Visy constantly strive to innovate in the area of packaging design. Our end-to-end services mean that we can help you realise your vision from concept to completion and meet retailers’ printing requirements. 

Continuous improvements to our technology and machinery mean that we can deliver complex, yet cost-effective print solutions which result in eye-catching graphics to put your brand and products front-and-centre.

Structural Design

Create Ideal Packaging For Your Product

In addition to our premium quality out-of-the box and custom printing solutions, we can help you to create the ideal packaging for any kind of product.

We are a design-to-order business and our packaging engineers work alongside our national network of designers to ensure that all of the unique needs of your product are met. Let us create an intuitive and innovative packaging design solution for you.



Visy pioneered pre-print in Australia

Visy pioneered pre-print in Australia, which has transformed industries such as the beer and wine market from plain cardboard boxes, to high-quality gloss graphics.

Our facility in Campbellfield is the largest of its kind under one roof and houses one of the biggest pre-print presses in the world, custom built for our purposes. Visy are now the major supplier of pre-print services to many of the most recognisable brands in Australia and New Zealand. 

The pre-printing process (flexographic printing on a liner sheet which is then manufactured into corrugated board) enables us to print a number of colours simultaneously.  We can combine illustrations, photographic imagery and multiple background colours, enhancing our ability to create lifelike, high-quality images that will increase the on-shelf visibility of your product. The addition of liners adds durability and aesthetic value. 

Prior to the introduction of pre-printing, offset/litho laminate printing on heavy board was the standard. Pre-printing  offers an affordable, high quality print and a greater compatibility for long print runs.

Topack Printing

Topack printing achieves a high print resolution by applying water-based ink to pre-corrugated board and can provide prints in up to five colours plus varnish. Visy's Topack facilities print and convert to cartons at the one location. This process especially suits high quality promotional runs and shelf ready packaging - high quality finish for smaller volumes than preprint.  

Litho Laminate Printing

Image reproduction is a crucial element of packaging aesthetics and can be a key factor in a product’s success in the market. Visy offer litho laminate printing - a high-end printing process creating sharp, full-coloured images on various types of packaging. Supported by Visy's continued investment in the latest printing technology, this is achieved by printing directly onto high-quality coated sheet, then laminating this paper onto corrugated board. The printing processes allow for six colours plus varnish to maximise impact. Litho laminate printing allows for accurate, intricate die-cutting, which makes it ideal for packaging purposes.

Visy’s premium litho laminate printing service uses large format printers, which produce unrivalled colour reproduction, further enhanced by a range of varnishes. In-house pre-press and converting resources, including board-making, laminating, forme-cutting and glueing enable us to take care of all elements of your customised printing solution.


Post-print refers to the process of printing on the corrugated sheet used for cartons after manufacturing. This process allows the reproduction of four colours using water-based inks and is the most common printing process used for corrugated packaging. Post-print is suitable for most print runs and is highly cost-effective.

Which Print Process Do You Need?



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