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As leading specialists in packaging and materials handling, Visy delivers high-quality and high-performance equipment and solutions. With an intimate knowledge of the packaging industry as a whole, our team is able to select, design and deliver the best solution for every customer.

Our team offers a combination of engineers and development partners, and local and international experience. Over the years, we've come to know the packaging systems and flexible automation industries back to front.

To make our automation offering even stronger, Visy has developed relationships with a select number of international packaging equipment companies. This has allowed us to access even more knowledge and equipment, and meet an even more diverse range of needs.


    Visy Automation brings ACMI’s best practice solutions for the food and beverage industry to Australia through our national sales and technical support team. Differentiated by their technical design and depth of in-house process specialisation, ACMI have specialised for over 30 years in packaging and palletising solutions including conveying, layer forming, palletising, de-palletising, handle application, pallet wrapping, stretch sleeving and complete turn-key Line delivery. With a customer list boasting a host of globally recognised brands, ACMI is now exceeding €50 million a year in sales, making them a leading global player in the industry.

  • BOIX

    Visy Automation is the largest supplier of Boix tray erecting equipment in Australia and continue to provide expert sales, technical and maintenance support nationally. Visy Automation has worked closely with Boix for decades ensuring high quality, safety and reliable operation for a wide range of Australian tray designs and corrugated board grades. Boix philosophy, which is evident in every machine we integrate, is one of robust design, a high quality of materials and workmanship, ease of operation and versatility.


    For over a decade Visy Automation has represented CSW in Australia and New Zealand. CSW manufacture a range of can end feeding, de-bagging and accumulating systems for the beverage can and food can markets. Both semi-automatic and fully automatic systems perform the operation of feeding can-ends to seaming machines, unwrapping can-ends from their paper bags and accumulating both un-wrapped and rolls of wrapped can-ends. Their systems are able to automatically de-palletise the rolls, making the process, from pallet to seamed can, nearly completely automated. CSW machines are precision-built in The Netherlands to the highest quality. Visy Automation provide local sales, technical support and on-going maintenance via our national Automation team.


    Visy Automation holds the Australasian licence for Hartness International, well-known leaders in innovative engineering providing equipment solutions for case packing, accumulation, line control and laning. From design to production, Hartness has a proven record of supplying high-quality equipment worldwide. Visy Automation has been integrating the Hartness dynamic accumulator known as the Dynac for over a decade. This key piece of technology can radically improve line layouts, personnel utilisation and increases our customers' productivity and efficiency, while decreasing changeover and irritating down times.


    Visy Automation represents JBT Corporation, a world leader in Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) system supply, with over 25 years of experience. JBT's leadership position has been earned through continuous, superior execution of the most complex projects. JBT Corporation's AGV experience includes over 450 systems and 4,000 AGVs. These AGV systems are designed for long term, trouble free operation in the most demanding environments. JBT Corporation's modular AGV design provides a standard vehicle platform which can be customised to meet any automated material handling challenge.


    Visy Automation are certified Omron equipment integrators capable of delivering complex systems using Omron's sophisticated control and automation components. Ormon support Visy with application know how and product support. Their full range of solutions include advanced vision systems, pick & place robotics, operator interfaces, motion controllers, inventory and production control, communication networks, discrete manufacturing, quality control and integration, plant wide management and distributed information and control systems.