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Visy is one of Australasia’s leading manufacturers of corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging.



Visy invest consistently in emerging technologies, and as part of a global network, are afforded access to the research and intellectual property of our partners. We are committed to continuous growth and improvements to ensure we offer best-of-breed facilities and services to our customers.



In response to demand from Australia’s major retailers for higher print quality shelf-ready packaging, Visy developed Rflute™

Introduced into the local market in 2014, Rflute™ has progressively replaced B flute, delivering appreciable supply-chain savings, such as pallet reduction and reduced forklift movements for the delivery of palletised flat boxes to the customer.

Some of the key benefits of Rflute™, as compared to B flute are:

  • Reduced pallet movements due to lower profile flute, amounting to savings in logistics, can accommodate up to 25% more flat boxes on pallet.
  • Better print quality, and improved shelf appearance.
  • Product protection via improved flat crush.
  • Packing-line efficiencies similar to B Flute
  • Increased precision and cleaner die-cutting.
  • Strength of board makes it ideal for self-supporting and shelf-ready products.


An innovation by Visy

THERMOtrac™ is Visy’s science-based approach to ensuring our customers’ product travels through the supply-chain in optimal condition. Our customised system optimises temperature control through every step of the distribution process, ensuring the integrity of your product from one end of the supply-chain to the other.

THERMOtrac™ cartons cool palletised produce efficiently and evenly, increasing produce shelf-life and in-store quality. THERMOtrac™ cools quickly without compromise of the top-load strength of our packaging. 

Trials conducted in the citrus export market have shown a 10 - 20% improvement in cooling rate, and this success has been indicated a across a range of fresh food categories.

We tailor our THERMOtrac™ solution to your specific requirements, ensuring that your unique needs are met through every step of the supply-chain.

Leakproof Box

An example of our continued commitment to sustainability in our packaging solutions

Visy’s corrugated alternative to Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) packaging, the Leakproof box is an example of our continued commitment to sustainability in our packaging solutions.

It has been adopted by major retailers and customers who produce products that require ice-packing such as broccoli and seafood.

The leakproof fibre design is a recyclable solution which, in addition to its preservation of ice-packed product integrity, offers the following benefits:

  • The ability to place your branding on your box through printing  graphics directly onto the packaging, rather than relying on adhesive labelling (as is standard with EPS packaging).
  • The heightened, gusseted base and fold-over lid provide excellent product protection and containment.
  • More produce on a pallet.
  • Our leakproof boxes are delivered flat to minimise transportation costs and maximise the use of storage space.
  • Cartons can be flattened post-use to assist in back-of-store recycling and collection.
  • Boxes are more robust compared to EPS. 

Paper Development

Visy are committed in the long-term to innovation around paper, a material at the very core of our business. We are a vertically integrated business and our customers’ requirements drive our paper and product development. 

Our advances into increasingly lightweight, yet high-strength kraft papers ensures we continue to deliver premium, cost-effective packaging without compromise around packaging strength or product protection.

Most recently, we have developed a range of white-top kraft papers which offer superior on-shelf appearance.

In keeping with Visy’s perpetually exacting standards, all new paper grades offer optimal printing performance.