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Visy is one of Australasia’s leading manufacturers of corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging.



As the leading supplier of corrugated packaging, with over 60 years experience, Visy offer a huge array of both standard and custom packaged food solutions. 

We work with both customers and retailers to ensure that our solutions satisfy the requirements of every part of the supply-chain. We stay abreast of developments in design, manufacture, paper grades and printing to keep our customers at the forefront of packaging innovation.

We offer solutions of every kind; from low-cost, standardised offerings (such as brown boxes) to premium, customised, on-shelf retail packs will full-colour, litho laminate printing, to ensure your brand is front-of-mind for consumers. 

Backed by our full range of divisions, which enable us to offer end-to-end service, Visy are uniquely positioned to accommodate your packaging requirements.


With the trusted reputation that comes only from more than 60 years in the business, Visy offer an unmatched array of services in the packaged food sector.

As part of a global supply network, Visy are amply supported around licensing and technology and have access to the research and intellectual property of our worldwide partners.

  • Boxes for all packaged food goods, including confectionery, processed foods, fresh foods, snack foods, frozen foods, dry goods, oils and sauces.
  • A full range of solutions, from simple and cost-effective, to premium, fully customised packaging.
  • Capacity to run promotions via print, coding or promotional tab inserts.
  • Market-leading, shelf-ready designs (more information below).
  • Protective packaging to ensure that fragile goods (such as glass packaged products) remain intact and undamaged throughout the supply chain.



  • Specialised solutions for the cold-chain and frozen market - supported by Visy’s laboratories, we can ensure the integrity of your product through the entirety of the supply-chain.
  • Visy introduced Rflute™ in response to market demand for higher print quality, shelf-ready packaging (more information below).
  • Selectify™  is an an intuitive online tool designed in-house by Visy to simplify the user’s process by making suggestions of shelf-ready packaging, based on specification input (more information below)
  • The high-end graphic capabilities of Microflute offer endless structural design alternatives (more information below).
  • Full-pallet, retail-ready displays.
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Shelf-Ready Packaging

Shelf-ready packaging is a steadily growing trend; since its introduction in the European and UK markets in 2005, customers and retailers alike have embraced shelf-ready options, praising its facilitation of improved stock rotation and reduced waste. 

Visy have invested significantly into this area since its inception and are well positioned to offer end-to-end solutions in the packaged food sector.

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Introduced into the Australasian market by Visy in 2014, Rflute™ is a significant development for Visy’s packaged food customers, particularly for products destined for retail-shelf display, thanks to its high-quality, post-print capacity. Created in response to major retailers’ demands for better print quality in shelf-ready packaging, Rflute™ has progressively replaced B flute in shelf-ready packaging applications, delivering appreciable savings in the supply-chain relating by increasing pallet efficiency.

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Microflute is a narrow caliper corrugated cardboard suitable for applications where strength and durability is required with the ability to offer a high quality printed result. It is often used in place of solid fiber or carton board to obtain the extra strength some products require in dry or refrigerated conditions.  Microflute corrugated cardboard also offers savings in transport and storage costs due to the fine flute profile.





Aesthetics are an integral tool to placing your product front and centre. Consistent representation of your brand via visually appealing packaging is key to increasing brand recognition and subsequently, sales.
Visy’s continued investment in technology, partnered with our experience, knowledge and constant improvement of our paper enable us to furnish your printing requirements in a way that is unmatched across the breadth of the industry.

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Created by Visy specifically for the shelf-ready market, Selectify™  is an online tool designed to help customers by streamlining the selection process for shelf-ready product, thus reducing the time associated to product packaging development.

Selectify™  is particularly suited to the packaged food sector as it enables customers to understand and preview the way their product will look on a retailer’s shelf.

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Category Trends

Convenience is king, and the key driver in packaged food packaging trends. Consumers are seeking out pre-prepared, ready-to-consume products which better serve our time-poor, demanding lifestyles. 

Interest in healthful eating and lifestyle is also an important influencer in this category, and a growing interest in culinary matters continues to compel interest and preference for chilled, processed food as a fresher, healthier alternative to shelf-stable food (which is perceived as being laden with preservatives).