meat, poultry, seafood & smallgoods packaging

Visy is one of Australasia’s leading manufacturers of corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging.



Visy have pioneered the use of corrugated cardboard packaging in Australia for meat, poultry, seafood and smallgoods. Our solutions have been tailored to accommodate the complex needs of this product category. We are continuously innovating to ensure that our offering stays conversant with the requirements of the product, no matter what they are. Robust and insulated, leak-proof and grease resistant.

Visy has been pivotal in facilitating the growth in export of meat and are closely aligned to the needs of the industry, to ensure your products arrive in the best possible condition. 

Additionally, the location of Visy plants and regional depots in proximity to our customer sites increases our capacity to embrace the ‘just-in-time’ ethos required by our customers.

Key Offerings and Capabilities

With over 50 years in the business, Visy are uniquely positioned to offer an unmatched level of experience and expertise.

We have an extensive network of personnel in our business who are experts in each industry sector. We offer an array of products and services within the meat, poultry, seafood and smallgoods sector to safeguard your product, the aesthetics of your brand and do so in a manner which is both sustainable and cost-effective.

We offer:

  • Poly-free leakproof cartons (more information below)

  • Modified atmosphere packaging

  • High stacking-strength packaging cartons (suitable for cool rooms)

  • Tamper-proof lid-sealing systems

  • Tamper-evident boxes

  • Paper coatings (more information below)

  • Export packaging

  • Custom-designed packaging solutions

  • Both fully customised, full colour and cost-effective print solutions available

  • Retail case-ready meat packaging

  • Automated and packaging equipment solutions (more information below)

  • Complementary packaging solutions (more information below)

  • High quality graphics for premium lines

  • As part of a global supply network, Visy are ably supported around licensing and technology and have access to the research and intellectual property of our worldwide partners.

Poly-Free Linerless Boxes

These two-piece containers feature a leakproof base and lid and are available in both hand erected and machine-erected styles. The unique coating of our poly-free boxes eliminates the need for plastic packaging for meat, thus eliminating an entire process from the packaging line, and also the need for plastic disposal at the supply-chain’s end. 

The excellent water-resistance and meat-release of our poly-free boxes are designed to maintain hydration and freshness and enables meat and poultry processing without fear of poly-entrapment.

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Paper Coatings

Our internally produced (by Visy Paper) liners are formulated from a unique, 100% recycled, coated paper. Featuring a bright, smooth surface optimised for both flexographic and offset litho laminate printing, our coated products are available in a wide array of grades and are suitable for corrugated and folding cartons and wax boxes. They are also suitable for lightweight laminating, paperback book covers and plasterboard liners. 


Since 1978, automation has been key in allowing Visy to partner with their customers and support their growth through supply and servicing of packaging and palletising equipment.  Of particular value to Visy’s box offering is the ability to provide tray formers, lidders, compactors and robotic palletisers to enable efficiencies in our customers operations, as well as keeping up with industry developments.  As a partner to Mercer Stainless and the largest supplier or Boix’s premium quality tray-erecting equipment in Australia, we have a growing number of customers in the meat, poultry seafood and smallgoods sector who are utlising automation to find and maintain efficiencies in their operations.

Find out more about the ways Visy Automation can streamline your business by clicking here

Complementary Packaging Options

A more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional polypropylene trays, Visy’s rHDPE (renewable polyethylene) meat trays are available with or without an absorbency pad. Our trays have proven, through rigorous trials, to be highly effective. 

Visy has also developed rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) for use in PET meat trays.

Category Trends

Time-poor lifestyles and the desire to eat well are once again, strong motivators in this category. 

Seafood is increasingly the protein of choice for consumers, as indicated by a strong demand. Consumers are also seeking meal-ready protein options; according to market researchers IBISworld. ‘around 50% of a butcher’s case consists of marinated or seasoned product, compared with 15% 10 years ago.’ Additionally, consumers are buying more frequently, and opting for pre-cut portions, as opposed to larger sizes to portion at home. 

Across the board, customers are seeking better nutrition, added value and increased convenience.

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