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Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) offers specialised equipment and services for the materials handling industry, and more specifically the paper and recycling industries.

Materials Handling Equipment

World’s best and most reliable equipment brands

As a major paper manufacturer and recycler of paper, Visy has amassed significant knowledge and experience in materials handling best practice over many decades.

Visy has established and significant relationships with the world’s best and most reliable materials handling equipment brands.

Below is a selection of key materials handling equipment categories and key equipment ranges that should be considered for your materials handling operation.

Forklifts & Warehouse Equipment

Visy can provide you with advice on the right forklifts and warehouse equipment highlighting a selection of our key materials below.

  • Pallet Trucks & Walkie Stackers - typically used for moving pallets and crates of small loads at ground height

  • Electric Warehouse Equipment - stand-on or ride-on reach trucks, order pickers and turret trucks that can be used in small or confined spaces, offer manoeuvrability and can lift small to medium loads

  • Electric Counterbalance Forklift - used to lift medium to large loads. These battery powered engines are more suitable for indoors with no exhaust fumes and lower operating costs

  • IC (Internal Combustion) Engine Trucks - are the most commonly used forklift in outdoor settings. This type of forklift is typically cheaper to purchase and lifts heavier loads, works in all types of weather, and can be powered by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquid propane, diesel and compressed natural gases (CNG)

  • Big Trucks - lift large loads up to 48 tonnes (e.g. shipping containers to a very high height)

For more information on forklifts and warehouse equipment to suit your materials handling operation, contact Visy today.

Construction Equipment

Visy can provide you with market leading advice on the right construction equipment for your materials handling operation.

Key construction equipment categories include:

  • Wheeled Loaders - typically used to shovel loose paper and/or commingled recycled product

  • Skid Steer Loader - used in tight spaces to clear waste paper from underneath paper machines and for moving reject waste

  • Telehandlers - used to move loads to and from places that are generally unreachable for a conventional forklift. Fitted with a quick hitch, a telehandler can be very useful as it can be used with a variety of attachments, including pallet forks, bucket, grapple, jib, etc

  • Material Handlers - typically used when loading, sorting and unloading materials in the recycling chain

For more information on materials handling construction equipment, contact Visy today.