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Visy recognises that emergency situations arise unexpectedly and that to combat the uncertainty around emergency situations, effective planning, sound management and rehearsal are the keys to success in the event of an emergency occurring at a Visy site. 

Site Emergency Response Plans

To ensure there is consistency, Visy has developed minimum standards and procedures that define the requirements for sites to develop emergency preparedness and response plans.

These procedures are to ensure that all sites consider the following in their plans:

  • Assess the risks of all potential emergency scenarios

  • Identify the potential for immediate risk to health, life, environment or property

  • Develop emergency response procedures to immediately respond to the emergency situation

  • Ensure emergency personnel trained in the emergency response procedures

  • Establish procedures to notify and update any relevant stakeholders including emergency organisations, authorities, neighbours or other community members on the emergency situation

  • Conduct regular drills to test the plan against potential emergency situations

  • Conduct a review of the plan on an annual basis or after any emergency situation

External Notification of Emergencies

All personnel and contractors are required to notify their supervisors or site management of emergency situations immediately. If the emergency is likely to trigger an External Alert, Emergency Services and Authorities shall be notified in accordance with the notification requirements in the relevant jurisdiction or state (refer to Emergency Services and Authorities in relevant jurisdictions below). The site manager or delegates have the responsibility to notify the relevant emergency services or authority.

Visy and the Emergency Services will ensure community members, facilities or other commercial /industrial premises that may be potentially affected by the emergency situation, are notified. Visy sites through their planning for emergencies will identify neighbouring properties for external emergency notification and to provide regular updates. 


Community Contact

Should any member of the community have any questions or concerns in regards to any emergency situation that is occurring or has occurred at a Visy site, you can contact Visy as follows:

Phone: 13 VISY (13 8479)
Email: Enquiry form

The location of Visy sites in Australia can be found by clicking on Location map and enter postcode.


The type of emergencies can be classified into three types:

Local Alert:

This is an emergency that occurs in a localised area of the site that is quickly contained or controlled. There is no potential adverse impact to people or the environment off-site.
Examples are a small fire, small spills, medical emergency, unstable plant operation or plant break down. This type of emergency is dealt with on-site by site emergency response personnel with the support from relevant emergency services and authorities where required.(i.e. Fire Authority, Ambulance, Police etc.)

Site Alert:

This is an emergency that occurs on-site that has the potential to affect all personnel on-site.  
This type of emergency has no potential for off-site impacts. Examples may be fires, chemical spill, or gas leak. The initial response will be from the site emergency response personnel until control is assigned to the responding Emergency Services personnel (ie. Fire Authority, Ambulance, Police etc).

External Alert:

This is an emergency that occurs on-site and has potential for adverse impact on the environment or external communities. Examples are large fires, large spills of chemicals or process water that cannot be contained on site. The initial response will be from the site emergency response personnel until control is assigned to the responding Emergency Services personnel (i.e. Fire Authority, Ambulance Police etc.).


Emergency Services and Authorities Contact Numbers


In accordance with Section 153D and Section 66(6) of the NSW POEO Act, Visy sites in NSW that hold an Environmental Protection Licence (EPL) have prepared Pollution Incident Response Management Plans (PIRMPs) that details the specific information for contacting relevant authorities and the community in event of an emergency. A flowchart that describes the notification process is attached and a list of the Visy NSW EPL sites and NSW Emergency Contacts are on the attached form.

Pollution Incident Response Flow Chart

NSW Emergency Management Contacts