At Visy, we offer fully integrated, forward thinking end-to-end packaging and recycling solutions that align with customer and industry needs.

Delivering sustainable packaging solutions

Meeting our customers’ commercial needs for sustainable packaging and recycling

At Visy, we offer fully integrated, forward thinking end-to-end packaging and recycling solutions that align with customer and industry needs. Through innovative solutions we meet our customers’ commercial needs for sustainable packaging and recycling, and assist them to demonstrate their own sustainability credentials.

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Investing for growth

To support the delivery of sustainable packaging solutions we have committed to invest $2 billion over ten years including recent investment in new corrugated packaging plants in Truganina (VIC) and Hamilton (NZ), and further upgrades at our paper mill in Tumut (NSW).

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Supporting our customers to be more sustainable

Our customers look to us to help them meet their sustainability expectations. We help them progress specific goals including reducing waste, increasing recyclable packaging and using recycled materials.


Turning waste into value

We are Australia’s leading recycling business, investing millions of dollars in developing ways to collect, sort and process recyclable materials and enable the creation of new products from what is discarded by households, schools and businesses. We recover materials such as cardboard, paper, plastic, steel, aluminium and glass, that otherwise would have been destined for landfill. We also operate the only food grade plastics recycling plant in Australia.


Packaging design for recycling

When designing packaging we consider the whole life cycle of the product and design for minimal environmental impact. Packaging design considerations include material optimisation, manufacturing, efficient logistics, aesthetics, fit for purpose, recycled content and the ability for the product to be recycled.

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Pulp and paper

We produce sustainably sourced recycled content and virgin papers, and a large number of cardboard grades. Across all our corrugated board sites, we use an average of 75% recycled fibre paper. We are continually innovating in the development of new recycled fibre grades as well as improving our current recycled grades.


Leading plastics recycling

In response to consumer demand we opened a state of the art plastic recycling facility in 2012 in Smithfield (NSW). This plant is Australia’s first large scale food grade recycled plastics (rPlastics) facility producing rPET and rHDPE. Using Visy’s recycled plastics allows our customers to showcase their commitment to sustainability. The Re+ logo is exclusively available for our customers to licence for use on Visy purchase rPET and rHDPE plastic products.

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Lightweighting to reduce resource use

We work with our customers to achieve the lowest use of resources for each product consistent with the security and transport requirement of the contained products. We have invested in beverage can infrastructure to continually lower the gauge of our aluminium cans. We have worked with various major customers to conduct technical analysis and field trials to identify the lowest weight “fit for purpose” corrugated board grades. In addition, our kraft paper mill facility is able to produce lighter-weight, high-strength kraft papers enabling our corrugated board plants to produce lighter weight packaging.

Bringing sustainable packaging solutions to life

Our in-house innovation team works with our customers to understand their needs, develop creative solutions and bring these ideas to life. Our new packaging solutions deliver products in better condition, reduce food waste and are produced sustainably. Find out more.

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