Visy is one of Australasia’s leading manufacturers of corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging.



Dairy is an industry with unique requirements around the perishable nature of the product. Our knowledge, capabilities and commitment to growth in this category has earned us a large market share. We recognise the constantly changing dynamics of the dairy industry, and endeavour to innovate and adapt in accordance with this flux. 

We work in aggregation with other Visy divisions to develop effective packaging solutions across a range of primary packs, such as cartons and plastics. As a major player across a full array of packaging types, we have unparalleled experience and expertise. Additionally, we offer a number of corrugated products, produced from recyclable materials, including the Visy Octobin and bulk dairy packaging.

Visy know export, and are the largest supplier of boxes to the export market for baby formula.


Visy offer a full array of end-to-end services to accommodate your dairy packaging requirements:

  • Wraparound and Regular Slotted Carton (RSC) style boxes
  • Machine-erected and hand-erected cartons
  • Domestic and export-ready bulk bins for milk powder
  • Shelf-ready packaging developed to match retailer requirements (more information below)
  • Tray and hood-style boxes
  • Boxes to suit cold-chain (including yoghurt, cream and milk) as well as shelf product (such as powdered and long-life milk)
  • End-to-end solutions for the baby formula export market (more information below)
  • High-quality print capabilities, as well as cost-effective solutions geared to the domestic market (click here)
  • Automated and packaging equipment solutions
  • Options for crate replacement projects

Shelf-Ready Packaging

The popularity of shelf-ready packaging amongst retailers is on the rise, particularly for cheese and UHT products.

With this insight, Visy developed Selectify™ , an online tool created to simplify the selection of shelf-ready packaging. Selectify™  intuitively assists the user’s selection process, reducing time by making suggestions based on specification input. Selectify™ is suitable for users of varying levels of expertise. 

The advantages of effectively executed shelf-ready packaging are twofold; in addition to ensuring the safe passage of your product, shelf-ready packaging affords you a brand-true aesthetic representation, no matter where your product is displayed. Retailers such as Aldi, Coles and Woolworths report better stock-rotation and reduced waste as a result of this innovation.

Find out more about the benefits of shelf-ready packaging (click here).

Baby Formula 

Cans and boxes for baby formula are currently in very high demand. Contamination issues in China have led to industry deregulation in China driving companies to manufacture in Australia (with its clean, green image) and export to other countries. Visy’s expertise in the export market, and support from our can division enables us to offer a total solution, and a logical choice in this category.