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There’s never been a better time to join Visy

When you join Visy, you’re joining a global leader dedicated to making serious progress in the sustainable packaging and recycling industries. We want to find solutions, make an impact and grow our business. If you can help us, you’ll fit right in. There’s never been a better time to join Visy.

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We’re inspired by possibility

Our people make us stand out

At Visy, our people make us stand out from the crowd. We’re always seeking solutions, opportunities and possibilities. We look for people who see what’s ahead and run towards it. Our people are helping us to achieve our vision to become the global leader in sustainable packaging solutions. Together, we can create a better world.

We’re proud to be a part of Australia’s past and its future

Visy is an iconic Australian household name. Operating for over 70 years in multiple countries, today we are one of Australia’s most successful family businesses and we continue to grow. Our long-standing investment in the manufacturing sector coupled with our plan to remain Australian owned, will ensure our ongoing commitment to creating jobs and supporting career paths into the future.

We take a sustainable approach to everything we do

Beyond the products we make and how we make them, sustainability is embedded into all aspects of our operations. As well as minimising our environmental impact, we are committed to providing a safe and rewarding workplace for our employees, making our customers more profitable and supporting our communities. All employees play a part in making Visy a leader in responsible business.

Our dynamic work culture reflects our drive for results

Our people are driven by the desire for excellence and work diligently to achieve it. Throughout the company, we champion innovation and turn it into award-winning solutions. We work as a team to achieve the best results for our customers and for Visy. No challenge is too great.

We empower our people to create their own success

At Visy, we share a common desire to succeed at what we do best. We respect our people’s unique skills and their contribution to the business. Challenges and opportunities are part of our every day. We take responsibility and are accountable. Our strong work ethic means we aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and lead the way.

Our eyes are on the future

Our people are highly skilled and their work makes a lasting impact

We seek to play an important role in what the future looks like, so we need to think long-term to stay ahead. To reach our goal, we need people with vision who are willing to grow along with us. Our people are highly skilled and their work makes a lasting impact. We are committed to investing in their growth and exposing them to a rich spectrum of work. We’ve designed our training and development programs with the future in mind.

We believe equal opportunity makes for a better world

We take pride in building upon our diverse and inclusive culture. Everyone at Visy should feel equally empowered to share ideas and be recognised for their contribution. Appreciating different perspectives, experiences and approaches – irrespective of age, race, gender or department – fuels creativity. And this helps people bring their best to work.