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Interstate or international - Visy makes sure that we deliver, no matter what.

Visy Logistics

Visy Logistics was established in 2006 to consolidate Visy’s own internal domestic and international supply chains

Visy Logistics - which is Australian owned - has grown into a business of significant scale, providing competitive and reliable logistics, freight and supply chain services to an ever-growing list of premium brands and manufacturers.

Our vision is to provide customers with genuine end-to-end logistics capabilities which leverage the Visy group’s supply chain network.

Our objective is to provide freight and logistics service excellence, that is safe and legally and socially compliant, at the best possible cost.

We provide smart logistics solutions, with a focus on next generation systems integration, automation and data analytics.

Our Global Footprint

Visy currently has the following assets, infrastructure, systems and global footprint to meet your logistics service needs:

  • 1000 Deliveries/day

  • 200 City/town locations

  • 210 Trucks

  • 230 Permanent drivers

  • 100+ Subcontractors

  • 130,000 Global TEU P.A

  • 50+ Global warehouses

  • 500,00 SQM under cover

Integrated Logistics Services

Our end-to-end, integrated logistics services enable efficient, effective and timely distribution, domestically within Australia and globally.

Efficiency and effectiveness can be demonstrated when Visy engages with its clients on innovative primary and secondary packaging solutions, point of sale packaging in conjunction with distribution to warehouse and point of sale.

Freight Services

Visy Logistics is a premium supplier of a broad range of transport & logistics services, both within Australia and globally. Our freight task - covering the full breadth of transport, logistics and warehousing - is comprised of millions of tonnes of diverse products across numerous service and industry sectors.

We manage a supply chain model of asset owned and 4PL solution that remains committed to exceeding customers’ expectations within a legally and socially compliant framework.

Visy Logistics offers Australian freight services, international freight services and warehouse logistics.

Our Australian services include road freight (metropolitan and linehaul), rail freight, domestic sea freight (coastal shipping), intermodal freight, 3PL logistics and air freight.

Visy’s international freight services include sea freight, coastal shipping, air freight, freight forwarding, container transport and customs clearance.

Our warehouse logistics services include warehouse consolidation and distribution, e-commerce pick pack services, cross dock, storage, value-added services and distribution.

Contact Visy Logistics today to enquire about how we can improve the end-to- end efficiency and effectiveness of your supply chain.

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