We recycle today, for a better tomorrow.

Leaders in local recycling

Visy is a leader in the recycling industry, integrated into our closed loop of resource recovery and re-manufacturing

At its simplest, this means we collect and sort recovered recyclable materials - such as paper, cardboard, glass, plastics and metals – and then we process these materials, maximising what we can re-make into sustainable packaging, predominantly within our own, local manufacturing operations.

We process recyclable materials recovered from more than 3 million households and workplaces each year. This scale significantly contributes positive impacts for the environment.

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We are putting real meaning behind the definition of recycling

Our resource recovery operations

Visy was one of the first companies in Australia to build a Material Recovery Facility (MRF). Today we have an extensive network of recycling operations in the region, processing millions of tonnes of recyclables every year. Knowledge gained from decades of experience means we know how to solve your business and community recycling needs.

Every year we collect, receive and sort nearly 2 million tonnes of paper, cardboard, glass, plastics, steel and aluminium from Australian and New Zealand households, businesses and schools recovering the greatest amount of material we can at our MRFs and sorting facilities.

Local Re-Manufacturing

We have a commitment to local re-manufacturing with our unique fully integrated business model re-making sustainable packaging products from the material we collect and sort. This is what makes us stand out in the local resource recovery and recycling marketplace.  

Our persistent focus on maximising materials for re-manufacture also means we divert as much waste from landfill as possible.


Benefits of
local recycling

We are committed to continuing to find sustainable solutions for the region’s recyclables and keeping the re-manufacture of these materials right here.

Our experience and infrastructure is unique in the local industry, solving local collection, sorting and recycling needs. Our operations support over 7,000 jobs in the region, growing the local re-manufacturing industry and improving the region’s recycling systems.

We work with government and industry bodies to improve the local recycling industry, and also with our customers to help them achieve their sustainability targets to make significant contributions for the wider community.

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Free paper and cardboard drop offs

Don’t forget that if you move house or have some big deliveries, you can drop off large quantities of paper and cardboard at a range of Visy facilities.